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Residential Electricity Use of Effects of Population in Russia

Ceyhun Mikayılov, Fəxri Həsənov, Səbuhi Yusifov

In this study, we examined impacts of population age groups of 15-64 and 65-above on residential electricity use in Russiain STIRPAT framework. Unlike many prior studies of STIRPAT framework, we analyzed the impacts of employing cointegration and error correction method in order to rule out possible spurious estimation results causing by non-stationarity of data used. Results from the Autoregressive Distributed Lags Bounds Testing approach, which is the preferable method among alternatives in the case of small samples, indicated that [...]
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Ceyhun Mikayılov, Fəxri Həsənov, Səbuhi Yusifov
This study discusses the concept of sustainable development and İPAT, Impact and STIRPAT model frameworks which are related to environment protection - one of the important elements of sustainable development concept - with another elements of that concept – economic growth and social factors. It has been noted that deterministic nature of IPAT and Impact frameworks restricts their wide application in empirical studies in order to estimate relationships between environmental impacts, affluence, population and technology. To ove[...]
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