Our Mission


Purpose and Mission


The goal of the Institute for the Social Sciences and Humanities is to conduct scientific research throughout the Social Sciences and Humanities and share the emerging problems, suggestions and recommendations to the scientific environment, society, government and other relevant agencies arise as a result of the scientific studies.  



In order to achieve the objectives, Institute;


  • Carrying out research studies and projects;
  • Organizes international and national conferences, symposiums and workshops
  • Prepares publications in different languages and publish them;
  • Makes reports, brochures, research papers, articles, newsletters, books and so on;
  • Make cooperation research centers, institutes, universities across the country and abroad;
  • To ensure the exchange of students, teachers and researchers Institute cooperates with regional and international organizations carry out joint scientific activities;
  • Associated with the institute's areas of activity Institute operates to open master and doctoral programs independently or in joint.