Entrepreneurship Development and Research Department

 Department for Entrepreneurship Development and Research


The main goal of DEDR is to facilitate the development of entrepreneurship by conducting research in this field and training young entrepreneurs. Our long-term vision is to see our students in executive positions of the world’s leading companies and give them the needed skills and knowledge to create the world’s most successful companies in the near future.

We believe that if professors and business executives can instill the level of self-confidence in our students our vision can become a reality soon. But if we want our younger generation to be world’s business leaders, universities and businesses should work shoulder-to-shoulder and invest our time, energy and resources for the best future of our students.

Our achievements during the past 3 years are modest but inspiring: in 2013 our students became a national champion in Enactus Entrepreneurship Competition and proudly represented Azerbaijan in the World Cup in Mexico. Our students also won the 2nd prize among 16 universities in Azerbaijan Business Case Competition. And the Business Case Competitions we are organizing at our university are getting bigger, and attracting more students and more business partners.

We hope to continue our efforts along the strategic path we have crafted when launching DEDR. We are confident that the continued support from local and international businesses as well as the government of Azerbaijan will take us closer to realizing our vision.