To keep the language and style issues at the forefront, exploring the issues of educational importance of children's literature the Department aims to promulgate love of country, commitment to our generation, a sense of loyalty to the people, national and moral values, aesthetic taste and interest in science to the children and youth between the ages of 0-14 and in this regard, to prepare useful suggestions and recommendations.



Activity Areas


  • to carry out research projects in the field of  language, history, culture, psychology and sociology throughout the areas of children's literature of other countries basically  in Azerbaijan and Turkey;
  • to organize International and national conferences, symposia, seminars , workshops, contests and reward the winners;
  • to organize courses, trips and camps to read books;
  • to collect reports, articles, newsletters, brochures, research papers, scientific and artistic works in Azerbaijani language and different languages and publish them in book form;
  • Make cooperation with research centers, institutes, universities across the country and abroad;
  • To provide consulting services for  Children Correctional Services, Kindergartens, preschool educational institutions, secondary schools, sanatoriums, children's homes.