About us





Qafqaz University Institute for the Social Sciences and Humanities was founded in September 2015 on the basis of the research centers that have been operating at Qafqaz University for many years. The main goal of the Institute is to conduct researches on social sciences and humanities, and to share the suggestions, recommendations, and problems with the scientific community, government, and other relevant agencies. In this regard, Institute: implements projects and conducts scientific researches; organizes international and national conferences, symposia, seminars, and workshops; publishes scientific publication in various languages and prepares reports, research papers, articles, newsletters, and books. Meanwhile, Institute makes an effort to make cooperation with domestic and international universities, institutes, and research centers. Moreover, Institute endeavors to provide mobility of researchers in cooperation with other research centers and think tanks. Currently, there are six departments operate within the Institute;

  • Social and Economic Research Department
  • Entrepreneurship Development and Research Department
  • Security and Energy Research Department
  • Karabakh Research Department
  • Turkology Department
  • Children Literature Research Department